Flagpole People stock quality '2 yard' Australian, Queensland & Brisbane City flags printed on flag bunting as well as sewn and appliquéd Australian and Queensland flags (made in Brisbane).

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Flying the Australian Flag
The Australian flag is our national symbol and flying it shows our pride for our nation. To insure that the Australian flag is flown with respect there is a flag protocol which should be followed. The protocol includes:

  • If more than one flag is to be flown then each should be on a separate flagpole(flagpoles with cross arms excepted)
  • When the flagpole is fitted with cross arms the Australian flag should be flown at the top of the main centre flagpole
  • When there are two flagpoles the Australian Flag should be flown on the flagpole on the left
  • The Australian flag should only be flown at night if well illuminated
  • The flag should not be permitted to fall on the ground

On days of national commemoration, and as a sign of mourning, the Australian flag should be flown at half mast – lower flag approximately one third down from top of flagpole:

  • ANZAC Day – April 25 — Half mast until midday then raised to fly at the top of the flagpole
  • Remembrance Day – November 11 — Half mast 10.30am until 11.03am then raised to fly at the top of the flagpole
  • Bushfire remembrance – February 7
  • For further information refer to publication: The Australian National Flag by the Australian Government Publishing Service.